Editing PDFs

PDF Store – Nitro PDF Professional – Nitro PDF™ Professional, your PDF creation and editing product. Priced at $99. ONe of the most bizare things about applying to schools is that they ship everything in PDF (why not Word, too many issues I guess). Noone has a good idea how to handle this. Many folks find a typewriter and do it.
Adobe has a crazy thing where they want to charge you $400, so the key is to use these 30 day trial versions. Adobe Acrobat has a trial version for 30 days and so does Nitro PDF Professional.

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  1. brucery Avatar

    It’s not perfect, but the method I use for filling out those PDF applications is to take a screenshot, paste them in to word, place them behind the text and type over them. Sometimes it requires tweaking to figure out exactly what font/paragraph settings match the form, but it is free.

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