Benq DW1640 Update

BenQ USA – Drivers DW1640. Benq has a nice web site and clear support documentation for its DVD Rewriters. Folks at “CDFreaks”: seem to like firmware BSMB so upgrade if you have this drive (btw, they just announced the DW1655 which is as fast as the 1640 but also has this Lightscribe technology where with special DVDs, you can etch a label on it. Pretty neat.
In my case, I upgraded to the latest firmware. They have both a windows based firmware checker and also the DVD firmware can be updated from Windows. Very cool!
Also they have something called Qsuite shich lets you putz with the actual format, also QScan that determines the right speed for a given kind of optical media and WOPC which lets you handle poor media. Download this stuff now if you’ve got a Benq drive. The Qscan is kind of cool. Told me that my Verbatim 4x was actually good enough to write at 12x which is pretty neat.
They have another fancy feature called SolidBurn. What this means is that if the drive sees a new DVD writeable media (that can happen all the time as OEMs are always switching, so you never know from one batch to the next really who made your DVDs and what the quality is). So if there is something unknown, it will keep track in the drive itself and tell change its writing. It is basically learning from its burns.

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