nVidia IDE Driver on nForce2


Win XP/2K – IDE (4.15). There have been many reports about how flaky this driver can be. Mainly on nForce3 chipsets.
For us, I found that our ASUS A7N8X-X with an old Athlon XP 2800+ would suddenly hang. Turns out that after much diagnosis, defragging a certain file on the system drive would cause the hang. Even using a low level boot time chkdsk would do the same thing.
Glad I remembered this IDE driver. Uninstalling it from the control panel and things now work fine with the generic Windows XP IDE driver. This has got to be one time when the old one works better than the chipset vendors driver, so beware.
If you are on an nForce2 and you have sudden hangs, it usually means that a very low level device driver has failed. No one ever suspects the disk, but I found it because it would hang on defrag.