CD Ripping for Geeks

While 99.99% of all folks will just use the built in ripping in iTunes or Windows, for the true geek, there are really only two ways to do it. Either use Exact Audio Copy or dbPowerAmp with Accuraterip and LAME. So its complicated, but worth it for accuracy.
Here’s a quick guide for fellow geeks:
# Download “Exact Audio Copy”: Some use dbPowerAmp but I like the controls for Exact Audio Copy. It lets you stuff the files into the place you choose. Also you can use “Feurio”: to check on CD ROM settings.
# Follow the “Hydrogen”: configuration guide to get it set. It certianly isn’t easy.but worth it to get it right and use “Coaster Factory”: for low level setting
# Download the latest Lame release according to “AudioCenter”: this is 3.97B2 right now. “Rarewares”: is a great place to get this and lots of other tools.
# Configure lame according to Hydrogen forum “guide”: That is –preset fast standard for most uses and –preset fast medium for smaller files. These will have remarkable quality.
# Downlaod “AccurateRip”: is a tool that uses a checksum to determine if you ripped a CD correctly and get it from the “AccurateRip site”:
# You can use “Encspot”: to make sure it was all correclty encoded.
LAME, which version? – Digital-Inn

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