The Future of Music Weblog. Here’s how to unlock your Sony notebook SIM so overseas you can use other data services:
1. **Very IMPORTANT** Before starting anything, make sure you have the ORIGINAL Cingular SIM inserted in your laptop. It will NOT unlock if you have your T-Mobile SIM inside during the unlocking phase.
2. Enable your wireless WAN. In Cingular’s Connection Manager, under network info, record the IMEI #.
3. Open Hyper Terminal (click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, Hyper Terminal)
4. Connect to COM4
5. Type AT and check if you get an OK echo.
6. If you do, call Sony’s customer service and request to speak with level 2 support
8. Make sure you tell them you want to unlock your laptop’s built-in EDGE modem and you need the NCQU number. (This is an eight digit number.)
9. Type “AT+CLCK=PN,0,xxxxxxxx” (no quotes) in Hyper Terminal, where the XXXXXXXX is your NCQU number and check if you get an OK echo from the terminal. Try it several times, if you don’t get an instant OK, but do not hang up. If it doesn’t work, check the IMEI and the NCQU with the CSR once again.
10. Close and Shut down Computer. Take out the Cingular SIM. Insert the T-Mobile SIM.
11. Open SMARTWI and open up the Cingular Connection Manager.
12. Click on “Profile,” Then look for the “ADD” button at the bottom of the window. Click on “Create Custom Profile”.
13. Fill these in:
Service Type: packet or cicuit
Dialed: *99***1# ( leave it like that )
Acess Point Name: (
Username: (LEAVE BLANK)
Password: (LEAVE BLANK)
14. Click next. On IP Settings leave everything on Automatic. Click Next again.
15. In the “Profile Name” slot, Type in T-Mobile or whatever you want. Then Click “Finish”
16. You’re all set to Connect to T-Mobile Internet and avoid the frickin Cingular monthly $79.99 Ripoff to connect.

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