Cool Screensavers


Freeware Home - Desktop ... Cosmetic Tools ... Screen Saver Tools. The Mac has a really cool Ken Burns like screen saver. There is also a video screen saver that Microsoft has, but it requires validation and is a pain to load.
So what's free and good:
* 4View Screen Saver. This create tiled images and then manipulates them.
* Nostalgic Screensaver. This should really be called the Ken Burns effect screen saver. Pretty good except that it needs sound along with it.
* My Video Screen Saver. This lets you play AVI, MPEG and WMV files as part of your screen saver. Very cool.
* DCat Screen Saver. This is nearly perfect in that is allows audio and pictures, but it requires it doesn't go through subdirectories, so doesn't work for doing what I really want which is to go through all my mp3 and all the jpg that are in many subdirectories and it doesn't have a Ken Burns effect.