Calibration Area Full

DW1640 – Calibration Area Full error when writing CD-Rs – BenQ DVD Burner / Philips DVD Burner – Club CD Freaks. Well, trying to copy CDs and I got this incredibly obscure error from Nero.

What it means is that on modern CD drives, the laser actually changes power. It calibrates itself and there is an area on the CD where it writes how much power is needed.

The post basically says that bad (or in my case dirty media) can cause this area to get full. So make sure your CD-R is clean and it comes from a good source (I use Verbatim Data-Life Plus which are expensive but more reliable).

Also it might be some strange hardware problem. Some folks think a whimpy power supply can cause it. Hard to believe in my 600 watt power supply monster machine.

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