How to use the Zippy and 850SSI on DFI nF4 – 56K caution – XtremeSystems Forums. _This is reminder for me, that using the 5V and high voltage OCZ VX on the DFI LanParty is a little hazardous._

The long and short version is that you have to have the 618 or higher BIOS, this fixes a problem where on a cold boot, the BIOS doesn’t applied the amped up voltage to to memory but does apply the overclock, so the memory doesn’t respond and you get 3 LEDS and you are dead. _I have this fix, so that’s not the current problem._

The longer version is that some power supplies don’t have enough 5VSB to actually start in cold boot at 5V Vdimm mode, so you either have to have a burly power supply or you have to wiggle a little with the jumpers as described. _I have the burly Enermax 600, so that isn’t the issue._

The new problem for me is that I get a blue screen and then the thing won’t cold boot. If you wait 30 minutes, something resets and you can boot normally. I wasn’t getting the cold boot problems before and some folks think that running the OCZ VX at high voltage eventually causes catastrophic failure of the DFI board, so you should really only run at 3.2V and below or use the less memory hunger TCCB based memory rather than the CH-5 UTT that is in the OCZ VX. I’m also tempted to try the UTT tuned BIOS, but that risks destroying the BIOS. Yuck. The google searching goes on.

The BSOD is due to a video driver problem. I now suspect that the Nostaligic screensaver is making a bad call set and somehow crashing the driver in a way that I get the cold boot problem after the blue screen. Something interesting happens after a blue screen on this machine for some reason. It cold boots fine otherwise and warm boots fine.

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