AnandTech: USB Flash Drive Roundup – 10/2005. A good review of 1GB USB flash drives. The main message is that all drives are not completed equal. For $90 premium Lexar JumpDrive Lightening and Kingston DataTraveler Elite use fany high speed memory that means it will be much faster to write.

Read the reviews though, most of the drives sold haved absolutely miserable performance. Even the Transcend Jetflash I got just three months ago is now middle of the pack, so a good implementation and better NAND memory make a difference.

Or if you want to save some money for the next level down, the Corsair Flash Voyager is about $70 but writes noticibly slower, but not a bad tradeoff if you aren’t writing every day. OCZ Rally is about the same price but is the reverse, fast read, but slow writes, so those are runner ups if you don’t want to pay or you think (like me, you’ll lose the little drives πŸ™‚

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