Rosetta Stone: Support - Knowledge Base. _Got this program to learn Chinese as some folks said it is the best and since it costs a fortune, maybe it will even work for me. However, it does have a bug if you use Asian fonts, which is kinda sad given it is to learn Chinese._

The Rosetta Stone Application CD-ROM has been installed, but when the language CD-ROM is started there is no picutres or sound.
This can be caused by one of two reasons:

1) You have an illegal copy of Rosetta Stone
2) You have an Asian operating system or you have a program on your computer that uses an Asian character set. If this is the case, please utilize the following workaround.
A) Access the Control Panel by clicking Start -> Control Panel
B) Open "Regional and Language Settings"
C) Click on the "Advanced" tab.
D) Check the language listed in the drop-down list at the top of the window. If "English" is not the language listed, change it to "English".
E) Click OK.
F) Allow the computer to restart when prompted.

Note: If you need to change this setting in order to use another program, you will need to change this setting back to English and restart your computer before you will be able to use Rosetta Stone.
Additional Tech Notes:
This is scheduled to be fixed in next version, scheduled for release in Spring of 2006.