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By: Rich Tong
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OK, just a few notes on this for folks who are doing it. First, if you have MovableType 3.2, they added this strange thing called API Password mainly because of spam attacks, so make sure to fill it in with something reasonable as it is a random number generator.

Judysbook code that goes to MovableType will fail somethings with a message something like, “Underlying connection lost” so you have to hit retry.

The biggest surprise though is that if you have 160 entries like me, there is no way to just export all of them. Instead there is an optional radio button that frankly should be checked all the time.

In terms of actual use:

OK, I got this working. I have seen three problems so far:

1. Judy’s book can time out and think a post didn’t work, but it did, so I usually get two posts for the price of one at on https://tongfamily.com. So you should make sure to check your actual website when it fails. There looks like some differences of opinion between judysbook and tongfamily.com on timeouts would be my guess.

2. The actual HTML sent doesn’t have the right carriage returns, it looks like just one massive string when you try to edit it in MovableType is a impossible.

Final odd thing is that it asks about categories when you first install it, but the default is “no category when you post” so Judy’s book posts just end up nowhere

And a style complaint, sticking all this category stuff at the top of the post looks wierd and I don’t understand why it can’t be glomed onto a factual line rather than taking five lines in total. Some HTML massaging needed here

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