iPod Cases in Use


OK, I’ve ordered a bunch of these cases, so here are some real world uses and how they fare at least with me. For the record, I’ve tried a few cases and covers on an IpOd Photo, iPod nano and an iPod Video. The idea is to have as clear a case as possible that provides protection and which I can wear and use in the car easily. The net is that I personally would recommend the invisible shield for all ipods and if you aren’t going to use it in a docking station then you can get the Contour Case models because they have a nice belt clip and let you see the artwork that is the iPod naked.

* “The Invisible Shield”:http://www.theinvisibleshield.com. This is the undoubtedly the hardest to apply and the hardest to get. But it is the thinnest and it is the only a thin film. It makes the devices look good, although some folks might complain they look a little glossy. I love these mainly because you can put them on your iPods and then you can use them with any iPod devices. Many of the cases noted below won’t work with things that require you insert your ipod in like the Altec Lansing iM3 I have or the Ten Gear iPod car adapter. I’d recommend this for all your ipods first thing before they start to scratch. Personally I wouldn’t use the click wheel covers though. I find that they deaden the feel too much.
* Contourcase.com – iPod Protective Cases from Contour Design. This is the case that I like for my iPod nano. The main issue is that it is basically impossible to get off and that it means that it is very hard to plug into a car for instance. Also appearance-wise, it can “stick” to your nano and give it a wet filmy look. On the balance though, the belt hook is very good and logical (it actually puts the ipod upside down which is perfect given that is how you look at it. I’d recommend for someone who won’t use it in a car, but will want it to be portable in a plane or when working out.
* Crystal Support. These cases are nice and the Agent 18s are more popular, but both of these lack belt clips and they are still too thick to allow you to plug it into docking stations. On the other hand, they are much easier to take apart compared with a Countour Designs. So for me I’d rather just use the invisibleshield than a Crystal Support case.