Blackberry Apps

Blackberry Apps

I haven't putzed with our various Blackberry's in a while, but here are some cool utilities:

* IM for AOL, MSN and Yahoo. This comes from your carrier, but it is an Oz application that let's you get IM from these sources. Depressing part is that it only allows you to login to *one* of these services at a time, so its not that useful. You have to pick your community.
* Google Local for mobile. They have written an application for this and Googletalk will also arrive soon. You get it by pointing the appropriate device on the appropriate network (basically just Java-based phones right now) to "":
* "Search Engine Watch": recommends a bunch of other IM applications too including a dedicated "": set suite of applications that are mainly browser based applications for reading Yahoo Mail, Search and IM. "": is their portal for applications at AOL. They use the OZ application mentioned above or you can see a WAP version of it at "":

Final by the way is that the new Blackberry's use the EDGE network and are much faster. So my old 7290 is looking long in the tooth. Now if only I could get a Chinese enabled one. But alas that's only in Hong Kong.

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