End of Season Skis


SKI Magazine ~ Gear: Have It All. It’s been an awesome ski season, so now folks have skis on sale. If you want a set now is the time to get them for 50% off. Some choices for those of us who love powder and are thinking with a midfat (like the K2 Apache Recon or its older brother the Axis XP) and a carving ski (like the Volkl 6 Star), why not a big fat powder ski such as those found in the “Ski Magazine Buyers Guide”:http://www.skimag.com/skimag/gear/app/skifinder

* Volkl Karma, 119-87-111, $695 (no bindings). Fun in any condition, but it’s especially adept at taming difficult snow due to its stability
* Volkl “Mantra”:http://www.skimag.com/skimag/buyers_guide/app/skifinder/search/1,13185,,00.html?make=&criteria=powder&myear=2006&x=47&y=15. 130-94-113, $765 flat, Overall impression 4.0, crud 3.9, Powder 3.9.
* Atomic “Sugar Daddy”:http://www.skimag.com/skimag/buyers_guide/app/product/0,15058,ski1100,00.html, 126-99-117 at 183cm, $800 (no bindings). It trhives on deep-backcountry snow. It’s super fat and fun. Crud 4.1, Stability at Speed 3.9 and Powder 3.8. Main con is that it doesn’t handle bumps at all.
* Salomon Teneighty Gun, 122-90-115 at 175cm, $800, Lightweight and manueverable, this is a deep-powder days ski.