Etta’s is fine

Etta’s is fine

Review of: Etta’s Seafood
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 4
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Actually, I have to admit that I remembered a much better Ettas than what I had. It is not that Etta’s has gotten worse, it is that in the last 15 years (gosh, I’m getting old, I can actually remember Etta’s opening all those many years ago), that the quality of restaurants in Seattle has just increased so much.

They have pretty much the now “standard” light northwest seafood. There is wild salmon (I didn’t inquire what river), halibut and the crab cakes are the standards. They are great if you’ve never had them, but this is the third time I’ve been to a Tom Douglas restaurant in as many weeks, so it gets a little old to have the same cakes.

The service is great too and very friendly, but if you are looking for some adventure, I do think the menus at Dalias is more interesting and there is alse Shea Chea’s which I still recommend as an awesome spot. Also up the street is Campagnes, although I like the lighter fare of Cafe Campagnes.

Finally, the after evening thing if you aren’t there with Chris and Andy, the Judy’s Book founders, or with Brad ( is to take in the view and then have a desert at Cafe Dilletente up the way a bit.

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  1. Jason Goldberg Avatar

    Rich: check out http://www.cuisineazine for some great new seattle restaurant reviews.


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