That’s a great ad campaign…I love it


That's a great ad campaign...I love it

By: Rich Tong
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Read the article on Judy's Book.

Goes along with What goes in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. Here are folks I'd vote for the top five (again like Letterman). By the way the correct is here.

5. Johnny Cash. Mainly because I liked Walked the Line and have gotten all his soundtracks :_)

4. Joel Goodsen. This for afictionados. Who the heck is this guy. If you are wondering check out

3. Danny Ocean. Enough said. See

2. Raymond Babbitt. Definitely. Definitely Judge Whompner. Definitely. _Why does Tom Cruise appear so many times in these posts? See

1. Horatio Caine. OK, its the wrong cost, but he is just so cool in Miami, he'd be great in Las Vegas IMHO.