Honda Fit

Honda Fit

Consumer Guide, Edmunds review Honda Fit - Autoblog. The Honda Fit just got the top rating from Car and Driver this month. It is a subcompact that is the size of the original Civic (if you remember that car, we had a 79 Civic called the rollerskate). It is the best selling car in Japan. and gets an amazing 32 mpg without any fancy hybrid technology.

Also it is the car tuners dream and lots of folks at "": would agree with that.Stock it weighs just 2500 pounds and has a 110 horsepower motor. Not far from the original Civic with its 90 hp that we had. It only comes in a hatchback.

The main innovation as "Edmunds": points out is not the nice tight suspesiuon of the 5 speed manual, but the "magic seat" which with one button lets you slide the front seats forward to get in and then the rear seats drop flat if you want without removing the head rests. Also the gas tank is moved to the front so there is lots more leg room.

For the cool folks, the 5 speed automatic has paddle shifters so you can handle it like a manual if you want it gets elssentially identical fuel economy. The so called Sprot trim level (higher end trim) adds security system, fog lights, power windows, cruise control, those cool paddle shifers, stereo with iPod input and about $1300 to put the list price at $15970.

And of course there is a rumor of a hybrid version coming out in later this "year": Now of course this will be the so called light hybrid, so the fuel economy won't be anythingl9ike the toyota models.,

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