Cirque du Soleil VAREKAI Dining


“Redmond Town Center”: is right next to the Cirque du Soleil. They have a special promotion. If you go to the evening show, you can get free appetizers, etc. plus preferred parking.

If you are going to the afternoon 4PM show, then Desert Fire, Red Robin, Matt’s, Todai & Claim Jumper,will have special seating before and after the show for those atte nding VAREKAI. You can call them.

What are these restaurants, it is hard to find a single review, but here’s a quick cut:

* Red Robin is basic burgers
* Desert Fire is southwest food machined by a chain. I’ve been there are few times and it is OK Tex-mex. Maybe a little better than Chilis.
* Claim Jumper is just large, large portions of burgers and things. Seems like a good bet for us, basic chicken and there is spaghetti and meatballs for the masses :_0
* Todai is a mass market Japanese place.
* Matts’ seems like a decent call. They have a grill. Call 425-376-0909. “Citysearch”: gives it just an OK review but says the bargecue chicken is pretty good. “NWSource”: which is really the Seattle Times gave it a 3/5 from just one reviewer. Yikes, there is just zero local content ;-() while “Chowhound”: has one decent post on what to eat at RTC.

By the way, “Tasting Menu”: is a pretty cool site with various specific reviews.