Switching to Qwest and T-mobile

Switching to Qwest and T-mobile

Well, if you are concerned at all about the government looking over your phone records, it looks like T-mobile and "Qwest":http://www.qwest.com/LongDistance/index.html are giving record voluntarily. It was a good chance to see what those folks are up to. I was amazed at how prices have come down:

* "Domestic Long Distance":http://www.qwest.com/LongDistance/index.html. If you are a Qwest customers, for $15, you get unlimited long distance anywhere in the US. For an additional $5/month, they throw in Canada. Their lowest rate plan is basically $5/month plus $0.05/minute, so the flat rate pays back at 200 minutes per month. There are other third parties that do this for $0.02 per minute, but it ain't a bad deal.
* "International":http://pcat.qwest.com/pcat/productDetail.do?salesChannel=Residential&offerId=6651. They have something called Quest choice. For $4/month, it is only $0.12/minute to call China or $0.19/minute to call a Chinese mobile phone. Pretty amazinlyg low.
* "International Cellular":http://pcat.qwest.com/pcat/productDetail.do?salesChannel=Residential&offerId=6651. Teaming up with IDT, they have a $0.19/minute plan from any cell phone to call China. There aren't any PINs either which is great. You dial 1-800-493-6206 and then dial the phone number and you can recharge online.

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