Well, the xD is kind of a strange format that only the Fujifil FinePix F11 (“DCViews”:http://www.dcviews.com/reviews/Fuji-F11/Fuji-F11-review.htm) uses as far as I can tell. By the way, that is a great review of the F11. Amongst other things it does note that the camera sometimes overexposes. A small -1/3EV correction can be programed to take care of that. Other reviews are collected at “DCViews”:http://www.dcviews.com/_fuji/f11.htm that talk about it having shutter and aperture priority and being very clean up to ISO 400 and quite good at ISO 800! They love the very sharp and distortion free 8-24mm F/2.8-5.0 lense. “TrustedReviews”:http://www.trustedreviews.com/article.aspx?page=6491&head=0 Also points out its battery will last 500 shots or more than what is in 1GB xD card. There is purple fringing though. Also has very accurate color reproduction.

Where do you get it, “TheCameraBox”:http://www.thecamerabox.com/product.asp?id=fudfpf11 appears to be the only US site to carry it. It is $295 plus $10 shipping.

There are two flavors, the M-type and the H-type. The H-type says that it can be up to 2-3x faster with compatible Olympus cameras. I don’t know if the F11 qualifies

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