Basic Camera setup


So, what did I what’s the final recommendation on what to get, here is where and some places. These places by the way are already obsolete a week later so go to pricegrabber to get the correct latest prices.

Here is the basic dSLR setup:

* Canon Digital Rebel XT. “Buydig”: $674 plus $100 rebate. Check “Pricegrabber”:,__7139626/sort_type=bottomline for latest pricing.
* Canon EF 24-105mm F/4 L. “PC Nation”: $1170.70 plus $50 rebate. “Pricegrabber”:,__11402001/sort_type=bottomline for latest
* Canon Speedlite 430EX Flash. “Digital Foto”: $242 plus $15 rebate. “Pricegrabber”:,__11456350/sort_type=bottomline
* SanDisk 4GB Ultra II CompactFlash 60x. “Beach Camera”: $175. “Pricegrabber”:

Of course, actually getting the $165 in rebates is going to be very hard. Canon makes it nearly impossible, but worth the effor.t

And for really compact needs:

* Fujifilm F11. The Camera Box. $304.75
* Olympus xD 1GB Type H Card. B&H Photovideo. $54.65