“Apple”:http://store.apple.com/Catalog/US/Images/intlstoreroutingpage.html sells in 50 countries, but for some reason they don’t sell in China where the darn things are made. How depressing. They do sell in Hong Kong though, but I don’t know how computer imports are sold.

If you do ship into China your own Apple, “Fedex”:http://www.fedex.com/us/international/irc/profiles/irc_cn_profile.html?gtmcc=us has a good site that summarize the rules and make me thing its better to just buy something in China 🙂

Importing Personal Effects of Foreign Employees

The importation of personal effects by foreign employees of foreign invested enterprises or representatives of foreign companies requires that the following paperwork be submitted to Customs within the term of validity within three months of the applicants entry into China:

* Copy of the Certificate of Business
* Certificate of Customs Clearance Registration
* Application for the importation of personal effects. Although printed in English and Chinese, the application form must be completed in Chinese in quadruplicate (4 Copies) with the stamp of the foreign representative office.
* Applicant’s passport and Permanent Residence or Temporary Residence Certificate

When completing the Application for the importation of personal effects the dutiable and non-dutiable commodities must be listed on separate forms. Dutiable commodities include: TV’s, washing machines, drying machines, refrigerators, video recorders, video players, acoustic equipment, desktop computers, telephones, pagers, fax machines, typewriters, furniture, lamps, food, quilts (filled bedclothes). Non-dutiable commodities include: one each of the following: home-use telecamera, camera, portable radio, portable laser disk player, portable computer and reasonable amounts of commodities that are in daily use. The forms must be signed by the importer and the exporter and sealed by the representative office.

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