Setting up WAP and GPRS

Every phone has a whole series of WAP and GPRS settings to get data to work. The SIM card lets voice traffic work, but for some strange reason, the WAP and GPRS settings are completely separate, so for each phone you own, you have to go to the Internet and figure out both how to enter the settings in and what the exact settings are for your phone. Here’s a quick list for phones I own:

h2. The Phones

For the Nokia 6600 and related models (6620), “Filesaveas”: has detailed instructions. You basically go to the Services application and select Options/Setting/Default Access Point/Options/Change then Options/New Access Point/Use Default Settings and then you need to find the specific operator settings. Also, “WDSGlobal”: provides over the air configuration for all Nokia models

For Motorola V3, you need to go to Menu/Settings/WEB ACCESS/Web Sessions to get to the various settings. Different ones are required for Web and MMS as “Mobiledia”: points out.

h2. The carriers

For Cingular, “Mobiledia”: has the settings in details, they are separate for MMS and for WAP. For MMS, the Homepage is, Service Type 1 is WAP, Gateway IP is, Port 1 is 9201

For T-mobile USA, “Mobiledia”: notes that there is an over-the-air configurator at “”: that will send the configuration over the air, it differes for WAP and the MMS as well. You do need to pay $5/month for unlimited WAP access though

O2. “Filesaveas”: has a good list for o2, Orance, Vodafone and T-Mobile in the UK.. Think this is reasonably up to date. They also have setting for “email/web”: which is different from wap.

China Mobile. “”: shows that they have a bunch of GPRS plans with the being $29/month 800MB free download. That’s not a bad rate for my Sony laptop. “Taniwha”: has the connection list that is very useful which says that the settings for China Mobile are APN name is cmnet, user name is guest and password is guest, this doesn’t quite agree with “”: which says the access point name is cmnet, but that there is no user name or password. “GPRS Easy Connect’: is a linux project that has as a side effect a very long list of carrier “settings”: they have information for which says for “China Mobile”: that the APN is cmnet and the username and password can be anything. Also says the DNS is

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