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It’s a little known fact, but the latest Blackberry 8700 running the latest firmware, 4.1, can in fact use MP3s for ringtones. Its kind of nice for Blackberry to join the rest of the world. It can also finally suck down JPGs and make them backgrounds. The way to do it is just terrible though, you have to browse to it on the web from the Blackberry browser and then click on the link to download it, texting a ringtone appears not to work.

Also format wise, you can go as low as 64kbps it appears but you have to make them smaller than 507KB.

Free custom made 8700 Vocal email alerts in .mp3 format – : Your Number One BlackBerry Community

MP3 with 128 kbps 44100 Hrz Stereo and 64kbps 44100 Hrz Mono. Just had to cut them to be no bigger than 507k.

As another nerdy aside, “Bell Labs”: has a text to speech demo that produces a .WAV file, you can convert to .MP3 and use as a ringtone. Kind of cool.

In the spirit of sharing,I used Motorola’s Phone Tools to take a bunch of preset extreme MP3s into 32Kbps mono 1 minute clips that are short to be ringtones that work for the RAZR V3 and probably for the blackberry:

* :AC/DC – Back in Black. Good 1980s rock n roll and a nice ringtone now too 🙂

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