Starforce Removal

Starforce is a copy protection scheme that loads drivers on your computer. Here’s how to get rid of the drivers that can slow down your CD/DVD player if you are not careful. Both Virtual Skipper 3 and 4 “use it”:, so it will appear on my machines with it. You can also use “Daemon”: to make a backup copy, but recently, Starforce 3.5+ just disables all SCSI drives if there is an optical IDE drive in the system or if you have an nForce3 or 4 chipset. Daemon Tools is a good tool that I do use sometimes for backup purposes. Lots of folks on the forum are using “Blindwrite”: to create their backup and Daemon to run the backup so they can store their original copy safely. Other folks are using “Alcohol”: and its image making wizard and the appropriate copy protection method selected in the application. For Starforce, make sure their drivers aren’t installed and also for Starforce 3+, you need to “hide”: your IDE drive by either manually yanking out your IDE optical drive when you run the game unless you have that nForce3/4 chipset.

Boycott Starforce

Unofficial way to remove Starforce

1. Remove these files:


2. Remove these registry keys:


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