W22n51.sys BSOD

I tried to upgrade to the latest driver on the Sony site for my VGN-TX140P and there is now something wrong, the Intel Pro Wireless application doesn’t come up and I now will get blue screen of death with a W22n51.sys stop message.

Upgrading to the Intel generic driver doesn’t help. The version is 10.5. I’ll try to downgrade to what the factory install was (thank you Sony recovery and then see if I can’t debug).

IBM Personal computing support – XP Crash: System may hang or restart with a previous version of the Intel PRO 2200BG Mini PCI adapter wireless software – w22n51.sys may cause Stop Error Message – ThinkPad R50/p, R50e, R51, T40/p, T41/p, T42/p, X31, X40

W22N51.SYS may cause a Stop Error Message or Windows may stop responding with an error message on a blue screen or the system may restart just after the error message.

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