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!>!: We had a great dinner with Chef Nance last night. It is a great idea, to learn to cook while having a dinner party. It gives folks something to do and people like hanging out in the kitchen anyway. Nance does a wonderful job and she’s worked for the McCaws and another prominent Seattle family, so she knows how to do it right. Give her a call at 206-725-9125 or check out her web site. You can basically have a dinner party where youset hte menu and then you cook the food and learn a few things.

Here’s her tip of the day: when you are cooking shrimp, take them out just when the shrimp curl and make a “C” this is the point where they are just cooked and don’t turn to rubber. It isn’t about the color, but about the shape. Useful and she was sure right!

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  1. brett Avatar

    Another great tip for cooking shrimp we learned from a Thai chef ( is to drop the shrimp in a bowl of water with 1 tbsp of sea-salt. It help ‘freshen’ any shrimp before using and gives them a better taste.

    We use this all the time – it’s suprising how poor the quality of shrimp is from Whole Foods vs. Uwajimaya and this trick always helps recover 🙂

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