“”: I haven’t used this site in a while because I’ve mainly been stuck on United. But just this month, I’ve been on Qantas, JAL and probably Cathay soon, so it bears some checking. Some quick reviews for me and also see “”: which only reviews the high end seats.

# ANA. Wow, this is a nice airline. For some reason, I had always thought that JAL was better, but their flight to Shanghai has lay flat seats, although they are inclined. The main thing is the business class lounge is very good. They have showers and their udon noodles are delicious. They fly a brand new 777 to Shanghai
# Qantas. Who knows how long this will be decent airline since they are about be bought out by a bunch of LBO firms. I can say that before that they run a two-class service from Shanghai to Sydney. The business class seats are lay flat, but they are inclined. They are really firm which is kind of nice.
# “JAL”: I had always thought this was a great airline, but it has slipped. The seats on the short Shanghai to Sydney leg were so, so and only reclined about 10 degrees it felt like and the video entertainment system is at least on demand (unlike United!), but the screens are really old and pretty much unviewable in any sort of light. The lunch was just OK vs. ANA. The main thing though is that their Sakura lounge is really pretty bad. Compared to ANA, it doesn’t have hot food nor showers at least in the building 2 satellite. BTW, agrees on the lounges but not on the inflight seats. OTOH, this was a really old 767-300 that I flew on.

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