Best Seattle Restaurants

Someone was asking me for the best restaurants of Seattle. Lots of controversy, here, but

The “Seattle Times”: has their best list.

Notable new ones as opposed to boring old ones (but they are still great like the Herbfarm or Rover’s) are:

* Beato Food and Wine. It’s more of a local place in West Seattle, but got a 3.5 stars from them
* “Coupage”: Its in Madison Park and is actually French-Korean if you can imagine that. The signature dish is ground short ribs and foie gras which is called Coupage Burger. Its another neighborhood place.
* Crow. Another neightborhood bistro this time in Queen Anne.
* “Marjorie”: Its in Belltown and is now an exotic bistro where there are is an adventuresome memnu including Hanoi sprint golls, Sri Lankan Curry and Southern pork ribs all on the same menu.
* “Nell’s”: I haven’t been there since it was called Saleh Alago’s, but it is supposed to be wonderful.

Brasa’s, Cascadia, Tulios (love their gnocchi!) and Campagne of course make the list as well.

The “Seattle Weekly”: has a great alternative list as well:

“Go once a year”: is a great list including:

Coupage, The Georgian, Brasa and Lampreia

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