Another dead hard drive


I'm beginning to think that the whole idea of putting 2.5" drives into desktops is a bad idea. I've had now three 2.5" drives fail in the last month. All are 60GB models, but I think there is just lots more use they get. Two were in an ASUS M3p. One was the base drive it came with a Hitachi 7K100 100MB drive which "Pricegrabber": has for $106, then two Samsung 60GB drives have failed. I'm getting two Hitachi 7K100s, but maybe more traditional 3.5" drives are the way to go?

Western Digital is just launching 250GB 2.5" drives for $200 on their site. That's pretty amazing. They are SATA drives though are "Pricegrabber": is just starting to list them for $300.