Hard Disk Cloning

When Calvin’s Athlon 64 died, I got a backup Intel Pentium M system up. Now we have all his files and the operating system on a SATA drive, but I have an old IDE drive, so I’d like to use that instead. To do it, I have to clone the entire setup. I’ve actually never done this successfully, so here goes:

“PCStats”:http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=418 has a nice tutorial on how to do this. First you can use a professional program like Norton Ghost to do this, but there are also freeware products like “HDClone”:http://www.miray.de/products/sat.hdclone.html that doe it as well. This freeware thing creates a bootable CD that scanes the drives on your system and then prompts for a source drive and a target and then copies. The freeware program only copies smaller to bigger drives though. There is also “Ranish Partition manager”:http://www.ranish.com/ but I’m a little afraid to use it as it was last updated in June of 2002. This tutorial is by th way of date, so here are the instructions for the new Norton Ghost v12.

# Install Norton Ghost
# Go to the Advanced Tab
# Select Copy Drive Wizard
# Select the Drive you are copying from
# Select copy of the Master Boot Record and make the partition bootable
# Select the Drive you are copying to

Now when you are done, you should be able to boot from that drive. Good luck!
It’s that easy. Let’s see if it works though

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