new iMac


Well, the all-in-one “iMac”: got launched last Tuesday. While Apple laptops are 2/3 of sales, I think these iMacs will cause lots of folks to buy. It is exactly what I need at home, a huge screen plus it has all the power features. For $2500, you can get a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of memory and 1TB of disk plus a gorgeous 24″ screen.

In the old days, an all-in-one box like this would really tradeoff against the flexibility of have a system unit where you could plug things in and out, but this design really will last three years. The only really big tradeoff left is that it isn’t a gamer machine, but for just about everyone else, it is ideal. Not to mention it makes an incredible TV as well with its remote control gizmo.

The coolest site is something called “unboxing”: that is dedicated just to showing how the initial take it out of the box experience is for electronics.

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