Charging twice for the same song


The day was coming where folks realized that with things like iPhones or Blackberrys that you should just be able to use your mp3 as a ringtone. Blackberry just lets you do it. In Apple’s case, they want $0.99 for the track and then another $0.99 to make it into a ringtone. So what can you do?

First you can use Funtastic which is a hack that lets you put anything into the ringtone directory.

“Dailytech”: reports that “Cleverboy” on “Mac Rumors”: that you just take any AAC file (e.g., something names m4a if it is unprotected or .m4p if it is a protected song you bought on itunes) and rename it with a _.m4r_ extenison. It then appears as a ringtone. Kinda cool. Wonder how long that exploit will last.

According to “Lou”: don’t download iTunes 7.4.1 as this fixes this exploit, so you’ll have to go back to using hacks like iFuntastic.

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