If you have an unlocked cell phone or iPhone that you are bringing into China, you need to set all kinds of custom things. “Shanghai Expat”:http://www.shanghaiexpat.com/index.php?name=MDForum&file=viewtopic&p=449343 has collected all the settings in one place. How convenient:

h2. WAP

The WAP information page is :

The settings you need are:
Wap Home : http://wap.monternet.com
Gateway IP :
Port: 9201

if you have GPRS:
GPRS APN : cmwap
No Username/Password needed

if not then the you use circuit switched (no modern phone uses this anymore)
CSD number is: 17266
username: wap
password: wap
Type: Modem (or simulated)

MMS setup is found here:

APN: cmwap
Server Name: http://mmsc.monternet.com
(some phones link this info together with the wap setup)

The info can be found at

First thing you’ve got to do is register on the mail site: http://mail.monternet.com
Its all in chinese but I had GoogleTranslate in another window to translate the options Very Happy
Choose the first plan which is the free one (its the one that says 0RMB/Month (0?/?) The others may be better if you have larger email needs.

Enter your mobile number and you’ll get an SMS with a confirmation password.
Enter the confirmation password
Enter your password and a question/answer in case you loose your password.
again it ask you for the plan…

Once that’s all set up you need to setup your PDA. The instructions are here.
I assume you’ve setup your GPRS, Wap, MMS already so the relevant info for you is

Outgoing SMTP Server: smtp.17288.com Port: 25
Incoming POP3; pop.17288.com Port: 110
Username: Your Mobile Number
Password: Whatever you entered in registration

After that you should be able to send/receive mail from your phone/PDA.
The email address is YourNumber@17288.com eg 137xxxxxxx@17288.com

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