Camera Sales


It is rebate time in the camera world, so if you want to get something now is a great time:

* “Canon”: has rebates and most shops like “Canoga”: and “B&H”: are including instant rebates. These work better than mailing something into Canon and praying. Actually I’ve had great luck with Canon rebates and terrible luck with Nikon, but YMMV (your mileage may vary 🙂
* “Gitzo”: These are some of the best tripods I’ve ever used. I have two now. Through Halloween, Canoga has a 10% off on their Tripods, and they seem to have a continuing set of promotions, so check their promotion page
* “Kgear”: This is another short promotion from November 1-7, but for orders of $200 or less a 10% discount, 200-400 a 15% and more than 20% $400 plus free shipping. These are the best bags in the world IMHO. Like the “Y315”:, “BG-4302”: stuff sack that is waterproof, “E280”: long lense pouch, “Y305”: compression strap to stabilize big loads like the long lense case, “N950”: rain cover for the entire belt,

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