Finally got a replacement TomTom 720, here is what you do if you corrupt the software on it. This is very easy to do with the TomTom software. So, before you do anything, you should first connect the TomTom and copy the entire contents of the “Internal Drive” folder to your computer hard disk somewhere. The nice thing is that the entire operating system is just a FAT file system so you can edit it wiht any Mac or PC by plugging it into a USB port. That is very smart.

But if you corrupt it which can happen since the TomTom download software doesn’t have error checking in it, you have to follow these instructions to essentially wipe both the download image on your PC and also the operating system on the device

HELP! Broken After tomtomhome did update – TomTom – Unofficial Site of TomTom for North America

It sounds as if the update has corrupted the application, so you need to rebuild the 23MB or so of operating system at the top level of the 2GB flash in your TomTom.

Connect the device to the PC. Close TomTom Home application. Now open My Computer. The Tomtom will be recognised as a mass storage device with the name INTERNAL by default.

Go to that drive, explore it and delete all the files that are not in folders. Note you don’t need to delete any folders as these are just data.

On a Windows machine, you go to the Tom Tom Home v2.0 directory in c:\program files. . Delete the Preferences/Folder preferences/Downloads/ folder. Exit TomToHome and then open it again ( this will create a new downloads folder)

On a Macintosh, go to your home directory and look for Documents/TomTom/Home/Downloads. Delete this directory and remove it from the trash, then create a new Downloads directory.

Log-in again and click on download your updates

In Home reinstall the application update and this will be rebuild the operating system on the device .

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