Downtown Seattle Restaurants

Downtown Seattle Restaurants

Ok with the new sub office, getting to restaurants is way more fun than a chicken wrap at the Bellevue Club. Here are some restaurants we've been to and some others to try:

# Place Pigalle, it seems a long way, but it is just a few blocks to Pioneer Square. The meal there is classic French and delicious. The beet salad, onion soup and rabbit were wonderful.
# Cafe Campagne. Also down at the market. The casoullet (sp.) was delicious and the oeuf are very good. Parboiled egg on toast in a foie gras sauce. Very french and tasty. Great bread too!
# Andaluca. Great italian. Nice salad and pasta.
# Oceanaire. Just went there for dinner. Don't pick from the memo, just ask the waiter for what's the freshest thing there. Had first run Columbia River wild salmon. Apparently, the fish earlier in the run taste better. I completely agree. You want it medium rare which is the most flavorful IMHO.
# Purple. Cool and trendy with great wine and cheese. Lunch is OK and service is pretty good. Nice ravioli and caesar salad.

Some of the great restaurants we haven't tried are listed i "":

# 94 Stewart. Top of Pike Place Market with natural quising
# Assaggio. 2010 4th
# Brasa. 2107 3rd Ave
# Cafe Campagne. 1600 Post Alley
# Dahlia Lounge. 2001 4th Ave
# Icon Grill
# Union. A little uptown. Need to try it.

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