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Quick review of widgets and WordPress. BTW, does anyone think the WordPress 2.5 is confusing compared with 2.3? sticking the really important plugins and settings to the right to be confusing and there are so many entries under Manage it makes no sense to me.
h2. Thumbs up:

* WordPress Auto Update. Hey every program should have this. It automatically finds and updates your WordPress

h2. Thumbs down

* IM online. This is supposed to figure out what is online and what is not. Always says don’t know and really slows the site down. A common problem judging from the comments on the WordPress extensions. I deleted it. Too bad, having one place to see that you are online would be really useful.

* Nextgen Gallery. This is actually a wonderful program, just lacks the ability to password protect hierarchically. Some templates don’t work with its widgets.
* PHP Gallery. I’ve used before, but the integration with WordPress just seems broken.

h2. Don’t know yet

* Multiblog WordPress. Eventually I’ll need this, but right now by default each WordPress is its own installation and needs it own maintenance
* ZenPhoto. Seems to be working well right now, but we’ll see. Has the features, but can’t get the integration with WordPress to work right. Seems to require lots of open passwords for things like ZenLatest Post.

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