Color Printer selection

Color Printer selection

OK, so what we are making sure that we understand it. What are we doing thanks to Rennie's excellent suggestion is to get a midrange printer first rather than buy a low mix 2840 and a high mix ImageClass:

"Xerox Phaser 8860MFP":,2704,2199136,00.asp. This is a PC Editors Choice at $2,500 and 3 cents per page. Only issue is if you turn the thing off, then the ink melting doesn't work. It is reasonably big at 14.5"x16"x21" and some 60 pounds. It is solid ink so a different technology. The output quality is good. The regular printer is $2500 and the all-in-one if $4,000. They have lots of "models": of this thing. The MFP/N is $1400 base, MFP/D is $1849 with duplexer and 2x625 sheet trays, MFP/T is $2550 with with a stand

"Xerox Phase 8560MFP/D":,1759,2176515,00.asp. It is big at 24"x21"x26" and 93 pounds. It streets for $1800.

"Xerox Phase 6360DN":,2817,2135182,00.asp. This is a laser printer so not solid ink. It doesn't come as an all-in-one though. But it did get Editors Choice and compete with the HP ColorJet CP4005dn. It is fast and color quality is decent..1600 direct.

"Xerox Phaser 8560MFP": This seems to about the same engine as the 8860 at the same speed, but it in not clear. Solid ink printers take only three seconds to start printig, but a couple of minutes of warmup each day to melt the ink

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