It isn’t well documented. In fact, it isn’t documented at all, but the method allows you to put {{files}} into any Wikki page and then a registered user can upload things. It has a hidden parameter for 2MB files and limits the files which sounds smart…

$max_upload_size = "21048576";
$allowed_extensions = 'gif|jpeg|jpg|jpe|doc|xls|...';

The solution is a bit messy, but you have to manually update the files in where your _/actions/files.php_ to fix this. We set ours to 100MB upload limit and added XLS and DOC files. In the actual code in actions/files.php, I found

$max_upload_size = "2097152"; // 2 Megabyte

So it was easy to change and there was no allowed extensions at all as that got taken out. Note that when you take a Wiki update, this gets blown away, so constantly have to fix this when if you have autoupdate on from your hoster. Which I do.

The second thing to do is with “”: where you have to edit the php.ini file change the upload there as well, edit that in the root directory. Please note that PHP itself imposes a limit on file-uploads so you have to fix that in php.ini in your root directory. You can find two parameters and this time, it is in megabytes, so 2M:

upload_max_filesize = 100M;
post_max_size = 110M;

2 responses to “Wikka Wiki File Upload Size Limit”

  1. Rich Avatar

    @Nils Lindenberg: wow, i’m so honored you left this note. I will definitely document that. it is a great applet you have. we are using it extensively

  2. Nils Lindenberg Avatar
    Nils Lindenberg

    Hi Tongfamily,

    unfortunately you are right about the upload limit not being documented (typical case of knowing the code too good ;). I will add it when I find the time.

    Next time you see something like this it would be very helpfull for us if you could leave a message at the documentation server (for example at so we have a better chance to notice what is missing or could be better documented.

    Nils Lindenberg (WikkaWiki)

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