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Had the most curious day yesterday. Talked about one person who is making millions, does nothing and is still the victim. Whereas another person doesn’t make anything, but feels guilty for not contributing. In this age of Ponzi schemes, CEOs making $100M and CEOs making one penny, values really begin to show.

For some, everything is, “I’m the victim, just hurt me.” and for others, it is “I’m responsible for myself, I take the steps.” This is a time when people’s real character shows.

Ironically of course, it is the victims who are going to be monetarily richer and I’m sure they congregate with other victims in their personal and work life. In the “why doesn’t anyone care about me crowd.”

But also in these times, you meet some folks who are likely much poorer economically, but the integrity and honestness with which they live their life really shows. In the end, it is just a decision who we hang out with.

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