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Well there are already dedicated sites like padgadget.com focused on it, but here is a quick list of accessories to buy. Apparently they’ve sold 500K in the first week!

  1. BodyGuardz is a plastic protective layer for the iPad like invisibleshield for the iPhone. I’ve used invisible shield and it works ok. Main problem is that for iPhone holders it is too thick so comes off as you open and close it. OTOH Bodyguardz will probably work better and might be a good solution for Macbooks as well, although I don’t like the slick look it gives.
  2. Scosche reVIVE. This is a dual USB charger for the car. The iPad requires a 2 amp USB and the iPhone 1 amp, so this is more than the standard 500 milliamp that most USB has. Its available direct for $29 hopefuly soon.
  3. Apple case and dock. The main issue is that the case is tight fitting and won’t go into the dock with it on. So most folks are saying, who needs the dock as it has a 10 hour battery life except as a stand. Personally, I’d give up on the dock to get the case, but then I need a stand
  4. Camera accessory. This is a must have for me. Let’s you connect a USB camera connection like my Canon 5D Mark II to the iPad so I can edit. Another reason not to need a PC on a trip.
  5. VGA accessory, this goes from the connector to VGA, so you can watch a movie or project your PowerPoint with your iPad, so no more need for projection.

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  1. But aren’t you shooting in RAW with your 5D II?… iPad won’t be able to help you with that.

    1. Great point. On the road I normally shoot both raw and jpg simultaneously. Use the jpeg for sending to people and making slideshows. The raw I store for later processing if I’m going to print. I backup the photos onto the MacBook when on the toad. I carry two 16gb cards. With ipad I’m moving to a 64gb flash cards so I don’t need a backing store as this will carry -1200 photos per card even shooting 21mp in raw and jpg. So ipad will mainly be for quick uploads to mail and slideshows on the road. At home will still use MacBook for hdr with chromatix and raw processing I’m still deciding whether to go with the new adobe cs5, dxo or something else. But need something for lens correction (dxo forte), sharpening and light touchio although I normally only minimally touchup.

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