Uh oh got a Lumix DMC-GF1 but is a Canon around the corner


Thanks to Rennie, I got a Lumix DMC-GF!, but found out today, he deferred the purchase because he things Nikon and Canon will release a similar small frame camera and he just couldn’t cope with the lack of a real viewfinder. Hope I like what I got. It will be nice to have a 40mm equivalent F/1.7 lense for just carrying around. The Canon 5D Mark II I had just can’t take the daily abuse. http://www.canonrumors.com/2009/10/micro-canon-cr1/ says that a real APS sized sensor based camera that is small is in the works for both Nikon and Canon. Oh well, should have search the rumor pages!

Canon is researching such a camera design. There is a lot of close attention being paid to the success or failure of the system. Canonhas no immediate plans to introduce such a camera to the marketplace, nor do they have any plans to become part of the micro4/3 mount.

Canon’s interest seems to lie in making a CMOS based APS-C compact camera with a zoom. Not a new system. Leica and Sigma both have APS-C compact cameras now, albeit with a prime lens. Also, Nikon is rumored to perhaps have the same thing coming down their pipeline.

And also Samsung NX10 is a APS-sized camera that is smaller but not as small as a GF1 as http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/samsungnx10/ says and it also mentions that Sony is going to do a mirror-less APS sized system as well, so I’m thinking I need to return the GF1 ASAP. The main issue is that the GF-1 and the Epson Pen series use the Micro-4/3 standard, but Samsung is APS sized and has yet another non standard lense set.

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