Well this 18Mpixel sensor baby (aka the Canon 550D) is now available as a body only. It’s bigger brother, the Canon 50D is about to updated to the Canon 60D, so you might want to wait until August when it ships. The rumor is that it will also get an 18MP and be much faster at burst at 6.5fps. But also more expensive too. It is supposed to be smaller than the 50D

So at $800, the Canon T2I (aka 550D outside of the US) isn’t a bad deal and is way lighter than a Canon 5D Mark II that I shlep around. Everyone has it, but B&H has always been good to me.

And if you want it, you also need at least a Class 6 SDHC card, with 8-16GB recommended. Usually, I do the 16GB card as that leaves plenty of room, but I get two so you only lose half your stuff. Folks are recommending the Sandisk Ultra II, but these are Class 4 cards. BTW, isn’t the class thing confusing. The class refers to maximum write speed, so Class 6 is 6MBps. Duuuh. The camera maximum write is 5MBps which is why the Class 4 work most of the time and are literally half the cost. So DPReview recommend a 16GB Class 6. The Sandisk (which I use as they have been reliable as have the Transcend ones I’ve used) model is called the SanDisk Extreme which you can get for a reasonable $55 for a 16GB card. 

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