Fixing PSP Joystick

We have the original PSP (called the PSP-1000) and Calvin fixed it. It had a sticky analog joystick. Looking at Youtube and Google, someone recommended just lifting and blowing the gunk out. That didn’t work.
So disassembly is just 7 screws detailed here

Here is your familiar PSP, we are going to remove the 7 Case screws from the back of your PSP.  
Turn over your PSP and remove the battery, You will see your “Warranty void if removed” sticker..  Well, I think its time for it to be voided.
There are 3 different types of screws in the case screw set.
4 BLACK Type “A” screws, 2 SILVER Type “B” screws, and one Silver Type “C”
There are 2  screws under the Warranty sticker. One Type “A” and One Type “B”
The Black Type “A” screws are holding your faceplate on,  The smaller silver Type “B” screws are holding the LCD metal holder in place.

Then another site explains how to take out the two screws holding the joystick and then it is $12 to replace. In our case just taking it apart freed it. And we lost a nifty USB to charger system. Since the PSP original just needs 5V and 2 amps, it should work with most iPad chargers with the right adapter. It is another $5 strange accessory.

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  1. pjohn652 Avatar

    This is a great information about disassembling a psp. The 2 other screws were just under the warranty sticker, I’ve never thought of it before until I read this article. This really helps, thanks!

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