quick notes on pans

I put my dearly loved All Clad no stock 8″ pan into the oven to heat and ruined the coating (no to self never over heat the pan or put in the oven ever!). It’s my second $90 pan I’ve torqued in five years.
In looking at Cook’s Illustrated. They love the $140 French Omelette Pan (made in Boston and designed by Julia Childs) and the $90 All Clad 8″, but say the $20 Kitchenaid Gourmet Essentials No-stick 8″ is pretty much as good. So off to Target I go to get it. Amazon is out of stock.
The last recommendation, I got from Cook’s Illustrated was a $40 cast iron dutch oven also from Target. That thing is amazing and works like a charm.

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