LensRentals.com – Photo/video thoughts from the largest rental house

LensRentals.com – Photo/video thoughts from the largest rental house

Wow some amazing results, it looks like the Sony A7R with the right lense (?!) is at the same level of resolution as the Nikon 800E but in a much smaller body. So it makes it every more likely that mirror less is (at least for me) the way to go.
Interesting to see the general result that the 24MP A7 shoots faster and is more usable particularly with focus. Means that:

  • 21-24MP is kind of the sweet spot (effective resolution 12-18mp depending on the lense) is the way for prosumers to go.
  • While the 16MP m43 (effective 12MP) is the way for regular humans
  • the Sony RX100 (effective 10-11MP in good light) is the every day carry camera

Here is the post directly. He is getting  1190 average lp/ih or 1420 at the center for a 35mm f/2.8 lense at f/4 compared . Wow. That is

I have to admit I didn’t get too worked up when the Sony A7 and A7R were released. The last time I wrote about Sony it was how there were so few lenses for the NEX system years after introduction. So now we’re going to a system requiring a whole new lens mount. Sure the camera’s specs were interesting. But the idea of yet another camera body good mostly for shooting lenses on adapters wasn’t very exciting. So I planned to ignore it.

But my friends over at Imaging-Resource / SLRGear.com were waxing poetic when they talked about their testing of the A7. Then they started claiming that the lenses were really good, too, and sent me some rather shocking test results. Plus, I will admit when it arrived I kind of liked the look and feel of the camera. It’s a very small camera for a full-frame, but with a nice deep grip that felt good in my overly large hands. Sort of a retro appearance. So even though we were a bit backed up, Aaron and I decided to at least run some some preliminary testing in our Imatest lab with the A7R.

via LensRentals.com - Photo/video thoughts from the largest rental house.

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