Current interesting ML and BoA Deals


Well, in addition to the normal portals, the various cards also run promotions so here is a great quadruple dip:
1. Go to a site like Amerideals and see what direct cash back there is. These are a pain to manage in that you constantly need to sign up (which I think is the point), but they are big cash rebates for right now as an example. You just need to use your card

  • 6% rebate. Wow that is hard to find
  • Nordstrom Rack. 5%
  • 15%
  • AT&T. $100 back on an activation
  • Tigerdirect. 15%

2. Then go to their shopping portal which again doubles your dollars. This isn't tied to the card, you just need to click through. And these points can be worth 2-8% depending on your program. You want to sort by bonus points. These are not tied to the card, so you can mix and matc. But as an example, if you marry with the deals above: Just on the on Merrill site, you get:

  • Tigerdirect. They have a 2 bonus points per $1. So if your card is worth 2-8% on rebates, that could be an additional 4-16% off

If you go to evrewards, you can then compare the discount just for the so called clickthrough. In the cases above, 

  • Tigerdirect. 1% through ebates or 3% through mypoints (but I don't know what mypoints are worth.

3. The underlying card then has points associated with it. Normally this is 1 point per $1. So the big thing here is what card to use. You have to calculate the values, but with airline or signature cards, you get 2-8%
4. Underlying retailer reward points. Groups like Best Buy have their own reward points which can be up to another 1%.
Putting it all together is a rare case, but if 

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