Run don’t walk to get your free $25!
Free money from Radio Shack – The Frequent Miler

RadioShack has an amazing promotion going on now through February 28th.  Trade in 5 portable electronics for a gift card worth at least $25.  You can trade in almost anything: old headphones, video games, digital cameras, etc.

Free money from Radio Shack – The Frequent Miler

I traded in four old headphones and a bulky old USB wall charger.  The cashier didn’t actually test any of the stuff to see if it worked.  She asked for my driver’s license and then proceeded to type into the computer for the next 20 minutes or so before finally giving me the $25 gift card.  I then immediately used the $25 gift card to buy a $25 Amazon Kindle gift card.  As you probably know, Kindle gift cards can be used to buy anything at, not just Kindle books and accessories.

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