802.11ac Wireless Access Points: Wait if you can for WiGig


Well 802.11ac has arrived with gigabit speeds, but the next wave is coming soon with support for 3-7Gbps so good to wait if you can as long as you can as Wave 2 is coming and the full Wave 2 is behind that.

The first evolution of Wave 2 is going to support 1.7 Gbps using 160 Mhz channels this is currently supported on some bleeding edge products using the Quantenna chipset, just not in the enterprise space. But the full Wave 2 amendment supports a push from the previous maximum physical rate of 3.47 Gbps to 6.93 Gbps.
via 802.11ac Wireless Access Points: A Buyer's Guide.

But if you can't wait and need bandwidth now, then you have some tough choices but the focus should be on real range (rather than theoretical bandwidth) and also zero handoff and load balancing (so you don't overload multiple APs) then see the buyers guide.

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